Friday, November 4, 2011

Miss A going to tell me something

Hey friends I have a very special friend miss A she is going to tell me something
And I know its something very special that I guest. What is she going to tell me I can't wait for that. I asked her to tell me on 15/11 will she say it to me I think I know what she want to say to me but I want to hear it from her so we wait until 15 and I will tell u did she say anything to me or not :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

She say it easily at my back :')

Hey last 2 days nite I was hanging out with one of my friend
We were studying together and while studying she say hey do u know today the S girl told me something about u and I say what did she say negative or positive firstly she don't want to tell me she say I will be sad after that I force her to tell me so I can end this thing I want to know what she think about me. She tells me the girl asked her for who I wrote all the status on the fb she know I wrote it for her but she want to listen from the girl mouth te girl don't want to say my name after that she say I don't like him he is such a jerk. Then the girl asked u usually hang out with him rite then she say I don't want to hang out but what to do he force to join me and I can say nothing. After I heard that I become so sad I feel to cry already but I control my tears she say she hates me I'm the one who after her she doint give any damn to me. She say I don't have my own (pendirian) self ambition I love to change after one and another and I know that is the only reason she can use to express her hates to me and I know I'm not for her she's cute and preety she don't feel that I'm her standard but never mind I will not after u after this its ur life but if u re reading this never say to people like that its hurt very much u make me cry miss S. U promise to me u wouldn't make me sad but :')

Sunday, October 30, 2011

today 30/11

Hi today I woke up at 10.30 am my friend wake me up and she say hey let's do a study group today and I say yeah
Ok let's do it then. I slept again then suddenly I got another call from my friend they say hey come here for study group and I was like ok I will come. Then I woke up and have my bath and go their for study after I arrive there I waiterd about 1 hour then only we study while studying I feel like its was not effective for me so I just become boring and because of some personal reason I just walk out from there then I waited for bus at the bus station while that I contact my 3 bff then they say hey don't go come on we go for a walk the I was like ok let's go its surely will be fun long time didn't go out with them then we haved our tea time at barra restaurant I talked to them I really miss them and yes I got to meet them after we have our tea time we go to giant at giant they were just wasting their time seeing clothes and all that thing within the bra also and I nake fun of the bra I say hey this is tutttt size this is ur size its was funny. After that one of my 3 bff treat us ice cream its was yummy. Then after that we plan to go for karaoke not me but them I just want to join them but when we arrive the karaoke place it was expensive on week days so we didn't enter it. Then we go to the I city for a walk we took a lots of picture and one of my friend join us its was cool hahahaha then we just hang out there its was really fun but they go home fast they were sleepy than after I sent them home I walked to my home from seksyen 7 to seksyen 3 I walked only for them hahaha although I can go home faster by bus but for them I walked its take me about one hour I walked alone in the dark its was damn creepy but god protect me and lastly I have arrived to my home safely and then I just took my bath eat some maggi and my leg was like arghhhhhhhh its hurt so much after a long walk then I just go to sleep after talking to my friend until 3 o'clock its was fun but my leg hurt :')

Friday, October 28, 2011

life is colour full......

Hey today I just go with my house mate for a long drive at kl firstly we go to the downtown in cheras which I never go but it was the first time I see and I know what is downtown its a place of shopping like the night market its sale all the things in very cheap price some are good quality and some are not we were looking for something special that maybe we coulld bye but as usual u knwow me I only buy branded things I'm not showing off but from my thinking although its expensive but the quality should be good. At the down town they were selling contact lens and I was like to buy a red colour contact lens and go to the class hahahahahahah. After that we have some drink they and we eat something there and just talking about our one friend who change from an angle to a devil it was funny hahahahahah. After that we continue our journey to bukit bintang after that I told my friend I never see the night CLUB do u know where is nite club he say yes firstly he show me the most famous club the zouk its near the klcc while we were passing the club I saw so many hot chick wowwwwww after that he show me other club that is nearer there I saw they was to many sexy girl and I was like screaming woooowwwww hahaahahahahahahah in front of every club they was a bodyguard standing and they are big at size. After that he show me other club called glassy its just behind of capsquare and I was shocked I always go there and I don't know that they is a club there its was colorful and the life was full of loud music hahahaah after that he bring us to klcc we just hanging around the klcc we sit in front of the filharmonik petronas hall and we took some picture its on my facebook but its not so clear becoz we didn't bring our camera we just took it by our phone after that we sit there and talk to each other and after that we go for a long drive and lastly we return to our home at 4AM in d morning I should be studying all the nite but I go for a long drive aiyaaaaaa what lah me naaaaa hahahahahahaahah but its was awesome I see the world especially the club memories can be deleted hahahahahaah :p

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A girl & family tears............

Ok friend this is the story that I'm going to tell u all so be patient k.

It was a sunshine morning like always its was a cheering morning they were are girl that born in a family and she was the 3rd child. So in this family the parents of the daughter have a sister who don't have any child since she married for 5 years so the father of the family give her daughter to her sister. The girl was born in selangor but just after her delivery she has been given to her adopt mother but the girls don't know that she will suffer a life without the parents. After she was hand over to her new family the new family took her to cameron highland where will be the place she will stay the girls father name was also changed to the adopted father and she already been they daughter. After that the girl was being love so much of her family especially her father her father was the mosst happiest guy ever after the girl came in their life the girl mother begins to expecting and she born 4 children in all of the time. But she love the girl the most and the girl know that she is not their real parents when her childhood but she didn't be sad she except the family as his own and the family except her to. So her life in that cool wind place was awesome the girl wass really preety really really preety....... And smart too. They were many guy who fall in love with her because her beautiness. She was really beautiful in her family she was the sis she have 3 sister and one brother they stay happily they parents wasn't really reach her mother just made some cookies for sale in d morning with some nasi lemak. Her father married 3 girls including her mom her father was bad too after he married the two other girl he began to change his attitude he don't want to give the money for expenses at home always beat her wife and child they were living poorly but the mom brothers all was very rich so they helped her mother.

So then after that her father married two other girl and since that her father don't come home ussualy beat her mom and doesn't care for his child. Because of that the girl house was about to be sale by the bank and the father don't want to pay for the house and he started to live with his other wives. He didn't come back to the house. The family was suffering lastly the girl mother brother. Come and he cash it out the house. Then after that they life been saved. After that her father didn't return to home. Although they mother and father didn't divorce but her parents life was like they have been divorce. So after that her mother begins to take care of her children by her self her mother will wake up in d morning preapare some cookies to sale for the breakfast her mother will always walk to the town by using the waterfall and jungle walk in d cool morning just to earn some money for her children. Her mom raise the girl and her other child. Then after that the girl become a teen and guest what she was really preety. After that the girl finish her study in SRP and goes to kl she want to further her study in kl she lives in her mother brother house means its uncle this is the same uncle who sfae their house from being sale by the bank. So her uncle supported all this girl study this girl study architecture after study she work for a while with his uncle his uncle was a millionaire after that she ges back to her house cameron highland. Then becoz of his beautiness many guys start to propose her and many of them was doctor but this girl fell in love with a guy who is her relative and the guys love her also very2 much the guy always come to meet her secretly at the garden from kl he will come to cameron he will always buy for her ice cream. Their love story were long its was about 7 yeears because their love each other since their childhood time but unfortunately their love was not been blessed by the boy parents their don't like this girl their say she is poor but the guys love her so much until the guy threatened her family to kill his self but lastly the boy lose their parents win the boy married another girl. Its was very sad because their love was a true love. Then the girl also just go on with er life with the full of sadness...............

A true story

I'm going to make a true story now so stay tuned k. Its will be the most interesting
Story ever u will be sad when u read it so just stay tuned I will start writing it at anytime just waiting for the right mood to come :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shes made me sad and i cry but she make me smile again wth just a little talk

Hey friends today I send an sms to my friend we were just joking my other friend then take her phone and read it
We were talking about her we were just joking and she takes it seriously I know its my mistake she then wrote on a piece of paper she say I hate someone I was so sad when she say like that its like she break my heart into pieces I can't say anything to her after that I tough she will ne ok but at the nite she send me so many message she said she hate me, don't talk to her ever, she said to me delete her from my facebook I was really hurt I cry at nite then. I just follow she said don't talk to her so I didn't in the class at the next morning I didn't see her face coz I'm scared that I will cry and I didn't talk to her I was avoiding her and suddenly at the nite she sent me chat she say she was really hurt yesterday so I have hurt u so much I'm sorry she said she was damn hurt after reading the sms and she cry and tell her mom I say to her I'm sorry and she say ok I say give me 2 days time after that I will talk to her again I wish everything will back to normal. She is one of my best2 friend she's very special to me I can be angry to her so long she can make me melt her smile always make me forget what ever she said to me she's special I'm sorry if u re reading this I'm damn sorry I'm sorry I know it was my mistake can we be friend again pleaseeeeee.....................

Thursday, October 20, 2011

19 oct sweet memories

Today is 19 oct today I spent so much time with her from morning until night its was freaking awesome
In d morning she came into d class and sit behind me when the biostatistic lecture we didn't pay attention although we were keep on talking and talking until the class finish its awesome after that we go for lunch wit my 2 other best friend than after lunch I just company her to the finance its was awesome we were sitting outside the finance for so long time after that she have to go to the class and its her class I can't enter her class and guess what I enter it and the lecture didn't notice the was a different student in his class hahahahaha. After the class she treat me for dinner and guest what she treated me my favourite food pizza its was just us 2 and seriously its was damn ro?????c after that when we eat she did not finish her one slice of pizza and I ate that pizza isn't it ro?????c hahahahaha I will never forget this day 19 oct the day where I get a lot of sweet memories with her :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

y did she lie to me :''''(

I have a friend I asked her sssomething coz I think sshe was single but she was not.
I ask her do u have a boyfriend she say no I don't have she swear to me that she don't have any boyfriend and I was liked ouh ok if like that. Then one day my friend say to me did u ever stalker her facebook profile and when I stalker her facebook profile I know that yes there is a guy in her life and its was shocking. Then one day suddenly while I was sitting besides her I asked her who is the guys she say he is a good friend of mine I still believe it. Then after that she give me her hndphone and say read the sms the sms describe that she going to break with her bf then I asked again do u have boyfriend and once again as usual she lie to me she ssay I don't have any bf. Then one day whole sitting wth my friend suddenly they tell me that she already have. Bf and my hear break in pieces its break into pieces I was really sad then after that after 5 days when I met my two friend again the girl has tell them something about me but they don't want to tell me maybe the girl said I only think imran as my friend not more than that and I know she say a lot of thing about me too I break I break I was about to cry but y did she LIE to me she can say straight forward isn't that she had a boyfriend but yes she made the hope and she break the hope after this I won't say anything to her she lie to me that make me so sad and yes just now I know he didn't break up with her bf she still with him I feel to cry when I'm writing this but no one knows who am I they no my name but not my heart :'''''''''''''''''''''(

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i feel sad when friend were not there

My best3 friend now is not staying anymore in hostel so today when I return to hostel suddenly I felt sad coz there were not there and its damn sad usually when I arrive I surely will tell one of them that I arrived and they will fastly come down and will have dinner with me but now there's no more like that :'( they gone they gone

Friday, October 14, 2011

my special, best friend will leave me :'(

Heyyyy all of my friend will be shifting to other house for second sem and I will be left alone at the hostel all of them wass going and I was about to cryyy I've been left alone especially my best friend their left me I can't follow them becoz of finance problem :'( after this I will not hang out anymore coz they will be going :'(

birthday plan thats ends with tears............

Heyyy today on 13 oct we were going to celebrate one of our friends birthday after class two of my friend ask me for lunch woth them and while we were having lunch and we were planning the birthday suddenly in my rice I was just start to eat and I saw a little cockroach in my rice and I was like yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that I wash myt hand and I stop to eat after that we just have a talk and plan the birthday after that we walk to the plaza alam sentral to buy the cake and we walked to there through the shah alam lake and during we walking suddenly one of my friend have some stomach ache and she goes to toilet and we were waiting for her about a hour and I was like arghhhhhhh hahahahahaahahahh. After that we continue our journey to the PAS and after we arrive there we go and select the cake but before that we go and buy a gift first for our we bought for her a little teddy bear afyer that we buy the Black Forest cake for her and we go to sacc mall to buy a box too put the bear inside the box while we were ther one of my friend meet her bf then she leave me and my other friend then we go back. I put the cake in my fridge and we all slept in our hostel at nite about 8.30 pm when my two friends sms me and said to me to bring down the cake I bring it down and ssuddenly one of my friend was crying badly and I worried I ask y y y. Then she told me the friend that we were going to celebrate her borthday she can't make it to come at kfc she was with her friend and she scared if his friend scold him and I was like ouhhhh ok I said y are u crying then sshe said we are her best friend but sshe did not came she make the other new friend become more important for her and I was like just went to silent then I asked two of them to go for dinner and while we were having dinner I made them laugh a lot until their forget their sadness one of them was laughing like crazy hahahahaah and then I celebrated my second birthday in this year using the cake we cut it and eat its was sad but we can't do nothing so we eat all the cake :)

birthday plan thats ends with tears............

Heyyy today on 13 oct we were going to celebrate one of our friends birthday after class two of my friend ask me for lunch woth them and while we were having lunch and we were planning the birthday suddenly in my rice I was just start to eat and I saw a little cockroach in my rice and I was like yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that I wash myt hand and I stop to eat after that we just have a talk and plan the birthday after that we walk to the plaza alam sentral to buy the cake and we walked to there through the shah alam lake and during we walking suddenly one of my friend have some stomach ache and she goes to toilet and we were waiting for her about a hour and I was like arghhhhhhh hahahahahaahahahh. After that we continue our journey to the PAS and after we arrive there we go and select the cake but before that we go and buy a gift first for our we bought for her a little teddy bear afyer that we buy the Black Forest cake for her and we go to sacc mall to buy a box too put the bear inside the box while we were ther one of my friend meet her bf then she leave me and my other friend then we go back. I put the cake in my fridge and we all slept in our hostel at nite about 8.30 pm when my two friends sms me and said to me to bring down the cake I bring it down and ssuddenly one of my friend was crying badly and I worried I ask y y y. Then she told me the friend that we were going to celebrate her borthday she can't make it to come at kfc she was with her friend and she scared if his friend scold him and I was like ouhhhh ok I said y are u crying then sshe said we are her best friend but sshe did not came she make the other new friend become more important for her and I was like just went to silent then I asked two of them to go for dinner and while we were having dinner I made them laugh a lot until their forget their sadness one of them was laughing like crazy hahahahaah and then I celebrated my second birthday in this year using the cake we cut it and eat its was sad but we can't do nothing so we eat all the cake :)

Rab kare tujhko bi pyar hojaye

Heyyy last nite I dream about my first love and trusst me she was looking gorgeous she made me forget the girl I love now she is damn beautiful I always remember her I wish I will meet her again :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

6 oct :)))

Today all our class has been cancel so I can't go home coz 7 of oct I have class so I sleep at my hostel and I woke up at 12 pm then after that my three best friend ask me to go out with them firstly we have our lunch then we go for a walk around all the shopping complex in shah alam firstly we go to the pkns two of my friends goes to the bank islam and I sit outside with the other friend I was talking to her and its awesome to hear her voice I was hoping my 2 friend that goes inside the bank will take 1 hour time and more so that I can talk to her as much as I want but they came out in 10 minutes ahhhhh damn. Then after that one of my friend she call her dad to ask some money and her dad didn't take it so I was like telling her ur dad scared becoz u will always ask him money hahahahahahahaahha. After that we go to the Sacc mall it was quit interesting we just go around and around and one of my friend were showing me all the dolls at there she was telling me when her birthday came pleaseee buy for her the dolls an I was like ok I will hihihihi. After that we enter re card shop and there were selling big2 card and I was like wow suddenly one of my friend and I walk thorugh there and saw are card which explain the meaning of love we both love the card its damn romantic hihihihi. After that we go to the mph boolstore and suddenly one of my friend she give me a book and said to me read the synopsis and yes the synopsis was my story I just smile then the were rounding the mph about 30 minutes and didn't buy anything and I was llike wow hahahaha the my other friend call her MAMA and I was listening she was saying she didn't want to buy medicine so she just drink the honey she was saying medicine in kl is very expensive and she tell that in kl and including shah alam there is no watermelon(tembikai) and I was like ahhhhhh she is telling so many bad things about kl I should beat her but what to do I can't she's so cute hihihihi although she teach me a word that is makan=makang and now days I tell all the people makang haaahahah. After that we go to the plaza alam sentral and when we go there the three cute ladies start to be wild they start to shopping firstly one of them but the shoe and she wear it on the spot it was pink colour then after that we go upstairs and the other one also buy a shoe and wear ot on the spot and I was like wowwwwwwww can't u wait hahahahahahaah its also pink colour after that we go upstair and on that floor there was a karaoke place that I NEVER enter before and suddenly they ask me come on we go for karaoke and I was like :/ I just go with them they take a big room and its cost 20 bucks and they enter the room and start to showing their singing talent to me and I was like wowwwwwwwww so nice ur voice actually not hahahah but its true their voice was nice also lah than in that karaoke room there were one of my friend who smile less and she was so bersemangat in the karaoke room and the three cute friend start to sing and sing and sing I was just laughing seeing them but I didn't sing although I feel to sing but I was damn shy there were having fun in the room and its was awesome actually I love to waste my time with them especially one of them she is the one who I love to hang out with if can I want to hang out with him from day to night hahahahaha. After that we returned to our hostel and we ate fried rice in the HAPPY restaurant and then we go to the mini market one of my friend who is so stubborn although we tell her don't eat maggi she still eat it. And she buys maggi at there hmmmm after that we go up to our room and sleep............. :) the end its was so sweet :))

Saturday, September 24, 2011

shes angry!!! :(

Hey friends last 3 days I wrote on my fb that I love someone than suddenly the girl asked me who is that girl and I just can't answer it becoz the girl is her and seriously I can't tell her becoz I'm afraid if she's be angry and don't want to be my friend anymore although I know she already have a bf and she will gong to be engaged in not so long time that's y I can't tell her that I love her it will make her angry and I don't want our sweet friendship broken up. Although she can't (mine she's still my friend I still can spent my time with her before she's married and she will not be around me anymore its really sad and I feel to cry y she didn't meet me first y y y if she's meet me first I surely fall in love with her but she's was not make for me but I can't forget her and I will always love her secretly in my heart and I love her but I can't tell her :'(

my bIrthdayy!!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends 21 sept was my birthday and guest what and the nite before the birthday day I already got 2 present from my friend one of them give me a cup with my name and the other one give me chocolate I. Was so shy to except it and the next day my best3 friend uu sue and AIN didn't say birthday to me and I was so sad but actually there was a surprise party for me and I know there was planning it coz one of my friend told me before and I know it already the plan was one of my best friend ain idea she just ask me to go jog with her and I say ok let's go then after reach the lake of shah alam he brought. Me to the hut and guest what once I step on the hut suddenly riri throw the flour on me and spray me with the birthday spray something and I was like ahhhhhh WTF hahaha but I really appreciate what they done for me and I really want to say thanks to ain sue mel uu hana nani who give me present thanks3 I love u all. No one has ever done this to me :') its really makes me emotional really :')

Saturday, September 17, 2011

friend with sadness :(

Hey u all today I want to talk about some of my friend who really like to be sad like me but they problem are not big as me they like to be sad becoz of some of their friends believe me friends sometimes can always hurt u ask me personally I will tell u how one of my friend hurt me only with his word it seriously can make u cry I hope my friend will not be sad just take it as a challenge that god have give u and face it becoz the many more u face the challenge the much tougher u will be and u can fight with all the problem bravely that u will face in the future. Like me this month I have some really critical money problem there's a day which I eat only once a time in a day its so sad but I still smile although I'm sad there are some friends who are really nice who helped me I will say their name like jaijon one of my roommate and melchizedek who is my faculty friend when I don't have money they helped me thanks friend. There are some friends also which I ask to help me but they ignored it and I was like never mind if u don't want to help me its up to u. That's y friends sometimes are really nice and sometimes are really bad I met many people when I fall from the sky to the earth :'(

Sorry for the grammar mistake as long u understand what I'm telling to u :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

KLCC trip with my friends :)

Hey friends long time I didn't write anything on my blog naaaa. Ok last week I took 4 of my friend to klcc and many funny thing happen on the trip at 5 pm I took them from shah alam and then we move to klcc and guess what is was jam and I was so frustrated and while we were waiting in the jam one of my friend who we call yuyu she was like dreaming that some of the malaysian actor and actress were in the other cars that is nearby us and I was like arghhhhhh hahahaahahahah. Then after the jam finish I drove the car very fast it was like I'm michael schumacer hahahah and the was a corner which I just turn the car fastly because if I didn't turn the car the route will be more longer and guess what I can be in a accident but luckyly I didn't and guess my friend yuyu,sue,eryna,nanep was damn scared hahahahaah but like I say don't worry I'm michael schumacer hahahahahahahaahah :). Then we go to the klcc and we were just hanging around there and we go for the smurf movie its was nice movie lah we I like the dialogue that the smurf say I smurf u its mean I love u hahaha I think eryna also like this dialogue hahahahaha then after that the movie finish and guess what my friend yuyu,sue,eryna were finding toilet and we show them the toilet at the klcc they go in to the toilet and they come out from there they said that the toilet don't have water to be used like pipe which is always been placed in the toilet and yes I admit klcc toilet is damn dirty if sometimes u go there go and check it out the toilet its yukkkkkk u surely won't shit there hahahahaahhahha. Then after that there were like in hurry we go outside the klcc and took some picture and then we fastly go in to the car and start looking for toilet which have the pipe or I can say water and guess what we found a patrol pam and I were driving fast I couldn't stop and suddenly I make a U turn fastly and seriously it was a dangerous U turn and all of my friends were so scared and like always I was cool and I said to them don't worry I'm michael schumacer hahahahahah. after that finally we reached the patrol pam and they found a happy WATER toilet hahahaahhaha then I bring them to the curve and when we arrive everything was about to close but the restaurant was open and we had our dinner there after that I send they all back to home at shah alam but before that I send eryna to her special person house and guess what while I was going inside of eryna special person house my car tire just slip in to the side of that house and I was damn scared I was afraid if I couldn't get my tire out of there what should I do the all of my friend were also scared but however I'm michael schumacer lastly I use my international driving skill and get my car out of there then I sent her to her special person house. Then I sent yuyu, sue , nanep to the hostel safely. Then I drove my car at the speed of 120 and above just to reach to the home faster coz afraid my mom will scold me and I arrive really fast at my home after that I open my gate slowly and I enter then slowly I enter and go to my mom room and say mom I had arrive and my mom say u from tomorrow cannot go out at nite and I was like :) hahaahahahah then the next morning my mom just talk nicely with me hahaahaha my mom always like to threatened me hahaha but I always will not listen but my mom is damn cool hahaahha so that's all was the story of that day :)))

Sorry if there any grammar mistake ok as long u understand my story that is important :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Break fast with my old friends :))))

Hey today I break my fast with my friend at house of pakeeza its was awesome. We ate buffet style the price was not too expensive and I ate a lot hahaha the food was delicious. I met my old friends many of them didn't come but some of them came its was awesome too meet them again after SPM all of them already go to their university. I met them we ate at pakeeza and just return to our houses it was fun and guest what while we were eating we saw a preety girl and hot too hahahaha she was beautiful then I asked her worker who is she then the pakeeza worker said she is DJ DAVE GF dj dave was also there and I was liked WTF he is so old I was thinking that she was her daughter and suddenly she was her gf ahhh what a waste hahahahahahahahah............

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I disgusting!!!!!

Am I disgusting am I. Last 2 weeks I have add a girl at my fb yeah I like her really much but I didn't tell her but maybe my friends now that I like her. I think she knows that I like her but y did she deleted me from her fb or y did she deactivated her fb is it becoz of me :'( I'm disgusting isn't many girls did it to me I know I'm not a very good looking person but I'm human too. Hmmmm.... I don't know y u did me like this but never mind I will always be ur fan a real fan trust me many people say bad thing about u like u re smoking but I never believed that coz my hearts know u re a good girl seriously I like u hahahahah but its ok u don't like me hahahah but I'm ur fan hahahah whenever next time if u re giving any presentation in the class I will see u on that time only coz I like to see ur face naaa its beautiful :). But its ok that u deleted me its ok a..... Its ok :( I know I'm disgusting I know :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i saw another girl who can made me anconsious wahhhh........

I saw this girl since I enter the university and trust me the first time I saw her I like her. She's very beautiful hahahah then I tried to find her facebook and yeah after one week keep on searching lastly I found her I was so happy then I wrote on her wall thanks for approve then she comment that ur welcome and I say to her I was looking for u about a week and lastly I found u I'm so happy she replied y re u happy then I say to her I will tell u some other time then she deleted my wall post and when she deleted my wall post I already understand that she don't like me then I back off but I'm truly her fan. Then I chat with one of her friend in facebook I ask her hey does this girl have boyfriend then she say yes she have don dream about her and I was like to cry out loudly hahah but she is preety surely she had a boyfriend then I told her friend I know that I have NO RIGHT TO DREAM FOR SOMEONE coz I KNOW who I AM hahahah as usual its end with sadness............. :(

The end of the spectacles girl!!!!

Hey friend today I will tell u about the end of the spectacles girl which I like her hahaha lastly she didn't give any respond to me hahah maybe I disturb her to much so I just don't give an effort on her anymore now she don't talk to me anymore just smile sometimes seeing her make me feel sad but its the end I didn't get her and like always still hoping....... :(

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tears drop my eyes is open........ :'(

Hey friends did u know that I have miss so many of friday prayer its so many that I have missed but last week I go to friday prayer with my friend and guest what I go to the shah alam biggest mosque that's the blue colour one and belive me its really beautiful I feel like I was in a palace. I go there for the friday prayer while waiting the prayer start the was a bilal who was giving some speech about some topic and when I listen to that and I sit in the mosque I feel to cry I was very sad y was I'm so sad maybe coz I always skip my prayer and becoz of my bad character that's y maybe I feel to cry but however I can't cry in front of my friend coz later there will say that I'm playing a movie in the mosque. But that day I really feel to cry hmmmmm now my eyes are open....... Hahaahahhaah

Hey if there any grammar mistake I'm sorry the important things is u all understand what I'm tryng to say to u

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life is going on...........

Hey friends today there is no attractive stories just I'm here to update my blog how are u all I hope all of u re fine. I'm fine as always and I'm sad as well hahahahaha. Hey did u know I heard some of the people who read my blog they cry is it true.......... Hahahahaha maybe yes they cry coz my story is really sad naaa. Hahah but what to do life has to go on day by day time is changing someone is happy some are sad some are dying some are living its live..........

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I know who i am but whatever i am, i am a god creature as u all are.... :(

Hey friends do u know what the spectacles girl that I told u last time haahah she hurt me.... Really deep in the heart I don't know y but I wrote something that she post on her friend wall at facebook she wrote luckily I don't tease him anymore she then her friends say how if he tease u again then her friend say do u want to look me sad do u want me to suffer in life hahaha then I understand she really don't like me maybe I'm the bad human ever she had ever meet hahaha maybe I'm not handsome maybe I'm so (jijik) for her haahahah never mind I know who I am I just trying to be nice but I'm also a human that been made by allah... :( hahahah never mind I hope she will find a better guy than me....

Then did u know one of my friend wrote on her status that she miss someone I ask who is he she say guest and I guest a name and she says to me are u re moron (bodoh) hahahah than the word that she said to me its was a like a sword I feel like someone take the sword and just throw it to my lungs hahaha I felt really bad but still I smile to her than I said its must be me she said ahhh please lah its not u hahahah I just smile I know I'm not handsome I'm (JIJIK) for them maybe :( but I still smile :)

I have another friend sometimes he made my hear hurt so much but I'm still smiling whatever he do he thinks he is the best he is the smartes I'm the moron he say so many things to me that sometimes can made me cry but I helped him so much he always underestimated me he always like to show me that I'm not usefull hahaha but I still smile he didn't think I'm a human too I has helped him also he always like to tease me in front of my friend until I'm ashamed in front of my friend but when I say something too him he think I'm wrong hahahaha :)

I'm going a though life I met many people who think I'm not useful I'm (jijik) for them hahah maybe I am hahahaha but its hurt although that I will always smile in front of them and sometimes I cry in my hearts a lot or at nite on my bed I cry a lot then I smile its life but I didn't think that I will meet some like this friend I still miss my old friend from monzalez at least they don't hurt my feelings hahaha but if some of my friend is reading this please keep on hurting me so that one day I will have the courage to suicide my self :)

I'm still smiling while I'm crying hahahahah never mind u will not understand... :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bleedy hell!!!!

Hey friends do u know what happen past few day I and my freind
Aniq were doing our assignment and guest what he want to borrow my fon he say to me that he want to use the internet so I gave it to him and I walked down stairs of my apartment coz some work than when I were down stair I go to the cyber cafe to print something than suddenly I open my fb and what the fuck aniq my friend he use my fon Facebook that is already been login by my name he comment on my status seriously what the fuck than I fastly rush in to the house and when I enter the house I shout and all of them laugh their prank me I was so angry becoz of that prank so many people were angry on me and I feel to kick aniq really fuck!!!

Although aniq look like a good boy but it isn't

ZNMD ( zindagi na milenge dobara) u won get the life again

Hey friends I'm here again this time I want to share with u re film that I just saw today this film is a bollywood film and guest what I understand all bollywood language today I saw zindagi na milenge dobar that is cast by hrothik roshan and katrina kaif and many more like farhan akhtar and abhay deol when I saw this movie its make me cry and remember my friend aizad, hafizul, zul, alif, wong which was my very good friend and we have our own group that we call monzalez group and this movie made me recall mt friend and my journey we always goes for many journey when we were together this movie made me think will in future I met them again will I. I feel quit sad when I remember my friend however this movie was awesome as usual I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The spectales girl made me :'(

I don't know y but she is angry with me I think y she is angry I don't know maybe she angry with me coz I'm interrupting her study mode but I don't mean to do that. Actually she should tell me don't lah be so angry until don't want to smile don't want to talk I feel very sad coz her behavior but what to do. I also don't want to smile in front of her anymore I also want to be ego in front of her then she will know who I am but I cannot do like that coz my heart don't let me to do so never mind I will try to forget u. Tujhe bhula diya..... :'(

Monday, August 1, 2011


She didn't smile its almost 2 day but she didn't smile if she is angry wit me so just tell me what is my mistake if I have did any mistake so I admit it maybe I have made some mistake but I'm sorry from now on I will not disturb u fine I'm a bad man I know that fine I will not disturb u again.......

Hey friends I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm telling uu

Sunday, July 31, 2011

my first puasa morning i already say many bad word coz of a fucker lecturer....

Hey today is the first ramadhan I wake up at 3 am in the morning too heat the food than we eated the food with my friend it was quit delicious then I sleep again. Hahahahah. Then after that I woke up and go to the class becoz of I'm the class representive many people ask me where is the class I tried my best to know where is the class I called the faculty and asked than I called the fucking bastard lecturer and guest what it almost 50 times I called him and he didn't answer WTF and then all the student asked me where is the class I don't know what to answer they think I didn't do anything but actually I called him until I have to do the sos top but the lecturer didn't answer we are paying but lecturer is not teaching WTF!!! Becoz of him I had say so many bad word I don't like this lecturer anymore I don't like him I don't!!! Hey friends who is reading this trust me I have do my best but the lecturer was a fucker.... And in future he may be will remain to be the same ass hole what a filmy bastard he is I'm sorry at this time I was so hot tempered and I have say so many bad word I'm sorry friend...........

Hey I know there is so many grammar mistake up there but the important thig is u understand what I'm trying to say to u..... Happy ramadhan

Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey friends how re u? I hope u re fine. Hey friends I want to tell u this past few days I have seen a girl and I liked her very much but I don't dare to say to her hahahahah never mind that but I like the girl attitude its awesome and she is very friendly hmmmmm... She wear the spectacles she looks awesome hahahaha... Hey do u know last nite I remember my first love while listening to the veer zaara songs that is do pal ki thi its make me cry I still remember her will I ever meet her again hmmmm... I don't know hahah so the ramadahan is coming its only left one day after that is ramadhan I hope this ramdhan bring a good news for me and this eid bring a lot of fun for me. The last 3 years my ramadhan and eid has bEen awful and my family were very sad on this 3 years in a row eid bcoz of some people who cannot see my family happy I hope this year 2011 eid will be nice for my family I hope that 1 day I will be a rich man and I will take my revenge again the people that have made my family sad I will one day I will show to them who I am what I am and what I can be insyallah I will. Hey today there is dilwale dulhania lejayenge movie my most favourite movie so I got to go hahahahah bye stay tuned......

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand what I want to say to u...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something happens!!!!!

Hey friend do u know what happen last night. Last night a girl ask me to go out with her hahahahah just for a drink at a restaurant and I agree hahahahah I go with her and I feel very shy we aren't talking to each other just talking about her ex bf hmmmmm I just hear it hahahahah however it was my first time I ever go out with a girl for a drink and its only the two of us hahaahah its awesome hahahaha then she goes back to her room and we didn't sms each other again but I will wait for her sms and I will tell u what happened.... Hihihi stay tuned

Hey sorry if there is any grammar mistake the important thing I'd u understand what I'm telling to u...

Monday, July 25, 2011

The history of my life!!!!

Hey friends actually I don't want to write about my history but someone say I should write about it so I will.

Ok now I will start the story I was born on 21 september 1993 in ipoh hospital I'm the second child in my family after my sis my name is imran shakeel isn't its a sweet name hahahah when I was born I don't know what was happening around me. When I was 6 years old I go to the kindergarten and guest what my kindergarten was a chinese kindergarten I learn there only for 6 month then I stop from there and directly go to the school which on that time I was standard one when I was standard one I stay in ipoh but acctually I'm from cameron highland when I was born I just got born in ipoh coz in that time cameron highland don't have any hospital so I born in ipoh but I stay in cameron highland for 2 years. Then my father was a police man so he gets transferred at ipoh so we shifted there when I was 6 years old my mom and dad get divorce for first time my mother took me and go to cameron highland which is my great great grandmother house is there I really love my grandmother she helped me a lot and guest what I'm the most been love of my grandmother than other my 15 niece I'm the no 1 hahahaah so we go there y did this divorce happen I will tell u after this... Stay tuned...

Ok so this happen coz I can tell u hahahhahah its a secret hihihih. So after that my mother came back to my dad and I live in ipoh again so I stay there then its was quit fun there I join the taekwondo and I'm second green belt hahah its fun hahahah but its tough too so after I finish my primary school then I go to the secondary school at there I was a prefect ( pengawas) at there I was one of the best ever they found.... Then I was a commander of fire brigade in my school hahaha its was fun in my school I got so many certificate of NILAM and I was the student who read most of the books in that school its almost 900++ so its awesome but actually I didn't read it I just copy the sinopsis at the back of the book hahahah its so funny lahhhh. Hihihihihihhi. Hey stay tuned I will be right back.......

Hey I'm back so after that when I took my pmr something tragedic happen in my life I was shocked and do u know what I didn't go to school for 3 months its all becoz some problem than after that I shifted in kl at kota damansara

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm trying to tell u :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23rd JULY!!!!

Hey friends today I woke up in the morning and I go to country homes rawang there was a party there hmmm the food was not so awesome but yeah its quit delicious hmmmmm.... I met my sweet grandmother there and my best best best auntie hahahah its was awesome hmmmm there was a girl there who keep looking me I was feeling awkward but she's bigger than me 3 years I don't know y she's was looking me I think I'm handsome that's y she keep looking at me hahahahahah there was also so many more girls there and some of them was beautiful I was looking for a rich girl and I spotted 2 girls hahahaha but I have to be something first and then only I can tackle them hahahahahah u know now days money is important hahahah so that was my today experience hmmmmm.... Stay tuned I will be back

Hey sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

when the hearts break!!!

Hey friends did u ever feel ur hearts break is awesome pain rite the pain of break hearts is awesome it makes us cry sometimes. My hearts has broken so many times but I admit its all my mistakes coz sometimes I like a girl and when I try ro talk to them they will say I already have a BF and I will break at there I know I'm not handsome but I'm also a good creature rite hmmmmm.... But what to do I'm not handsome :( I like to be sad u know I always like to be lonely with the sadness I do no y my hobby is really different but yeah I like to be lonely sometimes at nite when I'm sad I like to see the star in the sky lonely its make me feel peace :) but sometimes it makes me cry too... Its life sometimes hearts brake it will be like its been crushed on the earth and someone is putting their legs on the hearts is the most sadness and we will cry while I writting this I also feel to cry :'(

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand that is important :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 july 2011

Hey I'm back now I'm at house just watching television. I didn't go to u coz its 4 days of holidays yahooo I'm happy but however there is so many assignment that I should do hmmm. Last nite I heard that at my hostel someone has been to histeria condition and its damn. I'm scared now coz the histeria fucking thing but what to do nothing I can change hmmmm but this time I want to learn extraordinary and insyallah I will so there is no more story that I can tell so bye stay tuned...

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand that is important :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The love story....

Hey this time I wanna tell u about my love story. Do u know I fall in love when my age is 13 u know that is my first love hahahahah I love a girl but the girl was from out station I mean she is not staying in malaysia so I met her in a wedding function but when first time I see her I just fall in love with her she was my first love and until now I didn't forget her I don't know y but she was someone very special to me I will always remember her who knows 1 day I will meet her again who knows they is more story about this girl but I can't tell u becoz of security reason so however this was my first love its sweet hahahahaha:)

My second love was a dangerous playing love hahahah this love happen by sms hahahah this happen only for 1 month then 1 day my mother knows and when my mother knows I have been chopped into pieces hahahaha that was dangerous my mother say study first so I begin on my journey for study I leave behind all that thing....

Then I met many girl I like but I didn't spoke to them y coz I'm a very shy person and I'm scared to talk to girls then this keep happening day by day and I don't know when will I meet the third but I'm still waiting for the first coz she was someone who I couldn't not forget.........

Hey is there any grammar mistake than I'm sorry but the important thing is u understand what I'm trying to say to u :)keep smiling....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life in U

9 julai 2011
On this day I enter my university first day was not so awesome we have to sleep just 2 hours than wake up 4.30 in the morning. Life was tough, then its go on five days in row like this I've been tension in this orientation day. When the orientation begins our facilitators was really strict and many student don't like them including me especially the Exco discipline facilitators coz they like to shout to us. On this orientation day I met so many people some of them are really good and some of them have a very bad character like one of my roomate he like to smoke and I hate it luckily the last day of orientation he change his room it was awesome. Then many student including me says many bad word to the faci but at the last day of orientation when we shaked our hand with them and they say study well its been a very emotional time and then I realized that the faci was only doing their work. The was really nice and I think they was so bad. Then after the orientation finish at 14 july I came back home coz my class will begin on 18 julai.

18 JULY 2011
Today is the first day I enter my university it was horrible coz I can't find my class hahah but never mind then after I find my class the class was only for one hour hmmmm.... Then I came back home using the rapid kl bus which will be my transport for the next 3 years... When I came back I was really sad coz when I enter the house I remember my mom delicious food which I can't have now hmmmm.... :( it was really sad now I'm just keep counting day by day to pass by this 3 years so that I will not leave here anymore actually I don't like this house but what to do I have to stay here coz I'm not rich if I'm rich then I can afford a better house or maybe I will just use a car but what to do its fate... Now I hope this 3 years will pass by as fast it can coz now my life is getting tougher but what to do u have to live on the condition that u re now so I just get through hahahah

Ok now we change the topic today also I seen a girl I mean I've seen her last week but today I see her with a different style so she was really preety but what to do I think she already had a BF so I just smile to her but yeah she's the one who caught my attention when I enter the u hahahahah... So sometimes life is sweet but most of the time life is really bitter so its life... We have to move on hahahah continue tomorrow k if I'm free I will tell u what happened tomorrow on 19th july so stay tuned

Hey its 19th july
Now its morning and I'm at my faculty waiting to enter the class hmmmmm.... Its too late and I feel boring hmmmmmm... By the way since I enter the u I asked many girls hey do u have a Boyfriend and most of them 90% of them say yes I was totaly shocked they came to the university not to study but to find a relationship WTF hahahahah then I was wondering around y I didn't get any gf hmmmm maybee I'm not handsome enough and maybe I'm not rich tu but I'm not sad coz that besides that I'm damn happy coz alhamdulillah allah have save me from doing sin u know how much sin can we do when we re in couple mood so sometimes I think if I don't have GF its good for me..... Hahahahah.... Ok so now I'm going into class I will resume the rest of the story after thisss :)))))) stay tuned......

Hey I'm back its lunch time now and I'm having chicken rice with my friend so since morning I was in the class and guest what a lecturer ask who can be a leader in this class then suddenly they saya my name and I say WTF hmmmm so I have to be hmmmmm... Never mind maybe allah has written my fate that I will be the leader in the class.... Second day of study was quit okay lah but after listening there will be so many assignment that I have to made by lappy but unfortunately I don't have lappy hmmmmm :( never mind I will buy it by working as a partime so after this I'm going to library and do some work so my class will start at 5pm and end at 8pm fuhhh its damn tired so stay tuned I will continue my story if I have some more free time..... :)

Sorry if there is many grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm telling u :))))