Friday, October 28, 2011

life is colour full......

Hey today I just go with my house mate for a long drive at kl firstly we go to the downtown in cheras which I never go but it was the first time I see and I know what is downtown its a place of shopping like the night market its sale all the things in very cheap price some are good quality and some are not we were looking for something special that maybe we coulld bye but as usual u knwow me I only buy branded things I'm not showing off but from my thinking although its expensive but the quality should be good. At the down town they were selling contact lens and I was like to buy a red colour contact lens and go to the class hahahahahahah. After that we have some drink they and we eat something there and just talking about our one friend who change from an angle to a devil it was funny hahahahahah. After that we continue our journey to bukit bintang after that I told my friend I never see the night CLUB do u know where is nite club he say yes firstly he show me the most famous club the zouk its near the klcc while we were passing the club I saw so many hot chick wowwwwww after that he show me other club that is nearer there I saw they was to many sexy girl and I was like screaming woooowwwww hahaahahahahahahah in front of every club they was a bodyguard standing and they are big at size. After that he show me other club called glassy its just behind of capsquare and I was shocked I always go there and I don't know that they is a club there its was colorful and the life was full of loud music hahahaah after that he bring us to klcc we just hanging around the klcc we sit in front of the filharmonik petronas hall and we took some picture its on my facebook but its not so clear becoz we didn't bring our camera we just took it by our phone after that we sit there and talk to each other and after that we go for a long drive and lastly we return to our home at 4AM in d morning I should be studying all the nite but I go for a long drive aiyaaaaaa what lah me naaaaa hahahahahahaahah but its was awesome I see the world especially the club memories can be deleted hahahahahaah :p

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