Sunday, July 31, 2011

my first puasa morning i already say many bad word coz of a fucker lecturer....

Hey today is the first ramadhan I wake up at 3 am in the morning too heat the food than we eated the food with my friend it was quit delicious then I sleep again. Hahahahah. Then after that I woke up and go to the class becoz of I'm the class representive many people ask me where is the class I tried my best to know where is the class I called the faculty and asked than I called the fucking bastard lecturer and guest what it almost 50 times I called him and he didn't answer WTF and then all the student asked me where is the class I don't know what to answer they think I didn't do anything but actually I called him until I have to do the sos top but the lecturer didn't answer we are paying but lecturer is not teaching WTF!!! Becoz of him I had say so many bad word I don't like this lecturer anymore I don't like him I don't!!! Hey friends who is reading this trust me I have do my best but the lecturer was a fucker.... And in future he may be will remain to be the same ass hole what a filmy bastard he is I'm sorry at this time I was so hot tempered and I have say so many bad word I'm sorry friend...........

Hey I know there is so many grammar mistake up there but the important thig is u understand what I'm trying to say to u..... Happy ramadhan

Friday, July 29, 2011


Hey friends how re u? I hope u re fine. Hey friends I want to tell u this past few days I have seen a girl and I liked her very much but I don't dare to say to her hahahahah never mind that but I like the girl attitude its awesome and she is very friendly hmmmmm... She wear the spectacles she looks awesome hahahaha... Hey do u know last nite I remember my first love while listening to the veer zaara songs that is do pal ki thi its make me cry I still remember her will I ever meet her again hmmmm... I don't know hahah so the ramadahan is coming its only left one day after that is ramadhan I hope this ramdhan bring a good news for me and this eid bring a lot of fun for me. The last 3 years my ramadhan and eid has bEen awful and my family were very sad on this 3 years in a row eid bcoz of some people who cannot see my family happy I hope this year 2011 eid will be nice for my family I hope that 1 day I will be a rich man and I will take my revenge again the people that have made my family sad I will one day I will show to them who I am what I am and what I can be insyallah I will. Hey today there is dilwale dulhania lejayenge movie my most favourite movie so I got to go hahahahah bye stay tuned......

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand what I want to say to u...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something happens!!!!!

Hey friend do u know what happen last night. Last night a girl ask me to go out with her hahahahah just for a drink at a restaurant and I agree hahahahah I go with her and I feel very shy we aren't talking to each other just talking about her ex bf hmmmmm I just hear it hahahahah however it was my first time I ever go out with a girl for a drink and its only the two of us hahaahah its awesome hahahaha then she goes back to her room and we didn't sms each other again but I will wait for her sms and I will tell u what happened.... Hihihi stay tuned

Hey sorry if there is any grammar mistake the important thing I'd u understand what I'm telling to u...

Monday, July 25, 2011

The history of my life!!!!

Hey friends actually I don't want to write about my history but someone say I should write about it so I will.

Ok now I will start the story I was born on 21 september 1993 in ipoh hospital I'm the second child in my family after my sis my name is imran shakeel isn't its a sweet name hahahah when I was born I don't know what was happening around me. When I was 6 years old I go to the kindergarten and guest what my kindergarten was a chinese kindergarten I learn there only for 6 month then I stop from there and directly go to the school which on that time I was standard one when I was standard one I stay in ipoh but acctually I'm from cameron highland when I was born I just got born in ipoh coz in that time cameron highland don't have any hospital so I born in ipoh but I stay in cameron highland for 2 years. Then my father was a police man so he gets transferred at ipoh so we shifted there when I was 6 years old my mom and dad get divorce for first time my mother took me and go to cameron highland which is my great great grandmother house is there I really love my grandmother she helped me a lot and guest what I'm the most been love of my grandmother than other my 15 niece I'm the no 1 hahahaah so we go there y did this divorce happen I will tell u after this... Stay tuned...

Ok so this happen coz I can tell u hahahhahah its a secret hihihih. So after that my mother came back to my dad and I live in ipoh again so I stay there then its was quit fun there I join the taekwondo and I'm second green belt hahah its fun hahahah but its tough too so after I finish my primary school then I go to the secondary school at there I was a prefect ( pengawas) at there I was one of the best ever they found.... Then I was a commander of fire brigade in my school hahaha its was fun in my school I got so many certificate of NILAM and I was the student who read most of the books in that school its almost 900++ so its awesome but actually I didn't read it I just copy the sinopsis at the back of the book hahahah its so funny lahhhh. Hihihihihihhi. Hey stay tuned I will be right back.......

Hey I'm back so after that when I took my pmr something tragedic happen in my life I was shocked and do u know what I didn't go to school for 3 months its all becoz some problem than after that I shifted in kl at kota damansara

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm trying to tell u :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23rd JULY!!!!

Hey friends today I woke up in the morning and I go to country homes rawang there was a party there hmmm the food was not so awesome but yeah its quit delicious hmmmmm.... I met my sweet grandmother there and my best best best auntie hahahah its was awesome hmmmm there was a girl there who keep looking me I was feeling awkward but she's bigger than me 3 years I don't know y she's was looking me I think I'm handsome that's y she keep looking at me hahahahahah there was also so many more girls there and some of them was beautiful I was looking for a rich girl and I spotted 2 girls hahahaha but I have to be something first and then only I can tackle them hahahahahah u know now days money is important hahahah so that was my today experience hmmmmm.... Stay tuned I will be back

Hey sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

when the hearts break!!!

Hey friends did u ever feel ur hearts break is awesome pain rite the pain of break hearts is awesome it makes us cry sometimes. My hearts has broken so many times but I admit its all my mistakes coz sometimes I like a girl and when I try ro talk to them they will say I already have a BF and I will break at there I know I'm not handsome but I'm also a good creature rite hmmmmm.... But what to do I'm not handsome :( I like to be sad u know I always like to be lonely with the sadness I do no y my hobby is really different but yeah I like to be lonely sometimes at nite when I'm sad I like to see the star in the sky lonely its make me feel peace :) but sometimes it makes me cry too... Its life sometimes hearts brake it will be like its been crushed on the earth and someone is putting their legs on the hearts is the most sadness and we will cry while I writting this I also feel to cry :'(

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand that is important :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

21 july 2011

Hey I'm back now I'm at house just watching television. I didn't go to u coz its 4 days of holidays yahooo I'm happy but however there is so many assignment that I should do hmmm. Last nite I heard that at my hostel someone has been to histeria condition and its damn. I'm scared now coz the histeria fucking thing but what to do nothing I can change hmmmm but this time I want to learn extraordinary and insyallah I will so there is no more story that I can tell so bye stay tuned...

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand that is important :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The love story....

Hey this time I wanna tell u about my love story. Do u know I fall in love when my age is 13 u know that is my first love hahahahah I love a girl but the girl was from out station I mean she is not staying in malaysia so I met her in a wedding function but when first time I see her I just fall in love with her she was my first love and until now I didn't forget her I don't know y but she was someone very special to me I will always remember her who knows 1 day I will meet her again who knows they is more story about this girl but I can't tell u becoz of security reason so however this was my first love its sweet hahahahaha:)

My second love was a dangerous playing love hahahah this love happen by sms hahahah this happen only for 1 month then 1 day my mother knows and when my mother knows I have been chopped into pieces hahahaha that was dangerous my mother say study first so I begin on my journey for study I leave behind all that thing....

Then I met many girl I like but I didn't spoke to them y coz I'm a very shy person and I'm scared to talk to girls then this keep happening day by day and I don't know when will I meet the third but I'm still waiting for the first coz she was someone who I couldn't not forget.........

Hey is there any grammar mistake than I'm sorry but the important thing is u understand what I'm trying to say to u :)keep smiling....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life in U

9 julai 2011
On this day I enter my university first day was not so awesome we have to sleep just 2 hours than wake up 4.30 in the morning. Life was tough, then its go on five days in row like this I've been tension in this orientation day. When the orientation begins our facilitators was really strict and many student don't like them including me especially the Exco discipline facilitators coz they like to shout to us. On this orientation day I met so many people some of them are really good and some of them have a very bad character like one of my roomate he like to smoke and I hate it luckily the last day of orientation he change his room it was awesome. Then many student including me says many bad word to the faci but at the last day of orientation when we shaked our hand with them and they say study well its been a very emotional time and then I realized that the faci was only doing their work. The was really nice and I think they was so bad. Then after the orientation finish at 14 july I came back home coz my class will begin on 18 julai.

18 JULY 2011
Today is the first day I enter my university it was horrible coz I can't find my class hahah but never mind then after I find my class the class was only for one hour hmmmm.... Then I came back home using the rapid kl bus which will be my transport for the next 3 years... When I came back I was really sad coz when I enter the house I remember my mom delicious food which I can't have now hmmmm.... :( it was really sad now I'm just keep counting day by day to pass by this 3 years so that I will not leave here anymore actually I don't like this house but what to do I have to stay here coz I'm not rich if I'm rich then I can afford a better house or maybe I will just use a car but what to do its fate... Now I hope this 3 years will pass by as fast it can coz now my life is getting tougher but what to do u have to live on the condition that u re now so I just get through hahahah

Ok now we change the topic today also I seen a girl I mean I've seen her last week but today I see her with a different style so she was really preety but what to do I think she already had a BF so I just smile to her but yeah she's the one who caught my attention when I enter the u hahahahah... So sometimes life is sweet but most of the time life is really bitter so its life... We have to move on hahahah continue tomorrow k if I'm free I will tell u what happened tomorrow on 19th july so stay tuned

Hey its 19th july
Now its morning and I'm at my faculty waiting to enter the class hmmmmm.... Its too late and I feel boring hmmmmmm... By the way since I enter the u I asked many girls hey do u have a Boyfriend and most of them 90% of them say yes I was totaly shocked they came to the university not to study but to find a relationship WTF hahahahah then I was wondering around y I didn't get any gf hmmmm maybee I'm not handsome enough and maybe I'm not rich tu but I'm not sad coz that besides that I'm damn happy coz alhamdulillah allah have save me from doing sin u know how much sin can we do when we re in couple mood so sometimes I think if I don't have GF its good for me..... Hahahahah.... Ok so now I'm going into class I will resume the rest of the story after thisss :)))))) stay tuned......

Hey I'm back its lunch time now and I'm having chicken rice with my friend so since morning I was in the class and guest what a lecturer ask who can be a leader in this class then suddenly they saya my name and I say WTF hmmmm so I have to be hmmmmm... Never mind maybe allah has written my fate that I will be the leader in the class.... Second day of study was quit okay lah but after listening there will be so many assignment that I have to made by lappy but unfortunately I don't have lappy hmmmmm :( never mind I will buy it by working as a partime so after this I'm going to library and do some work so my class will start at 5pm and end at 8pm fuhhh its damn tired so stay tuned I will continue my story if I have some more free time..... :)

Sorry if there is many grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm telling u :))))