Sunday, August 28, 2011

Break fast with my old friends :))))

Hey today I break my fast with my friend at house of pakeeza its was awesome. We ate buffet style the price was not too expensive and I ate a lot hahaha the food was delicious. I met my old friends many of them didn't come but some of them came its was awesome too meet them again after SPM all of them already go to their university. I met them we ate at pakeeza and just return to our houses it was fun and guest what while we were eating we saw a preety girl and hot too hahahaha she was beautiful then I asked her worker who is she then the pakeeza worker said she is DJ DAVE GF dj dave was also there and I was liked WTF he is so old I was thinking that she was her daughter and suddenly she was her gf ahhh what a waste hahahahahahahahah............

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I disgusting!!!!!

Am I disgusting am I. Last 2 weeks I have add a girl at my fb yeah I like her really much but I didn't tell her but maybe my friends now that I like her. I think she knows that I like her but y did she deleted me from her fb or y did she deactivated her fb is it becoz of me :'( I'm disgusting isn't many girls did it to me I know I'm not a very good looking person but I'm human too. Hmmmm.... I don't know y u did me like this but never mind I will always be ur fan a real fan trust me many people say bad thing about u like u re smoking but I never believed that coz my hearts know u re a good girl seriously I like u hahahahah but its ok u don't like me hahahah but I'm ur fan hahahah whenever next time if u re giving any presentation in the class I will see u on that time only coz I like to see ur face naaa its beautiful :). But its ok that u deleted me its ok a..... Its ok :( I know I'm disgusting I know :(

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i saw another girl who can made me anconsious wahhhh........

I saw this girl since I enter the university and trust me the first time I saw her I like her. She's very beautiful hahahah then I tried to find her facebook and yeah after one week keep on searching lastly I found her I was so happy then I wrote on her wall thanks for approve then she comment that ur welcome and I say to her I was looking for u about a week and lastly I found u I'm so happy she replied y re u happy then I say to her I will tell u some other time then she deleted my wall post and when she deleted my wall post I already understand that she don't like me then I back off but I'm truly her fan. Then I chat with one of her friend in facebook I ask her hey does this girl have boyfriend then she say yes she have don dream about her and I was like to cry out loudly hahah but she is preety surely she had a boyfriend then I told her friend I know that I have NO RIGHT TO DREAM FOR SOMEONE coz I KNOW who I AM hahahah as usual its end with sadness............. :(

The end of the spectacles girl!!!!

Hey friend today I will tell u about the end of the spectacles girl which I like her hahaha lastly she didn't give any respond to me hahah maybe I disturb her to much so I just don't give an effort on her anymore now she don't talk to me anymore just smile sometimes seeing her make me feel sad but its the end I didn't get her and like always still hoping....... :(

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tears drop my eyes is open........ :'(

Hey friends did u know that I have miss so many of friday prayer its so many that I have missed but last week I go to friday prayer with my friend and guest what I go to the shah alam biggest mosque that's the blue colour one and belive me its really beautiful I feel like I was in a palace. I go there for the friday prayer while waiting the prayer start the was a bilal who was giving some speech about some topic and when I listen to that and I sit in the mosque I feel to cry I was very sad y was I'm so sad maybe coz I always skip my prayer and becoz of my bad character that's y maybe I feel to cry but however I can't cry in front of my friend coz later there will say that I'm playing a movie in the mosque. But that day I really feel to cry hmmmmm now my eyes are open....... Hahaahahhaah

Hey if there any grammar mistake I'm sorry the important things is u all understand what I'm tryng to say to u

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life is going on...........

Hey friends today there is no attractive stories just I'm here to update my blog how are u all I hope all of u re fine. I'm fine as always and I'm sad as well hahahahaha. Hey did u know I heard some of the people who read my blog they cry is it true.......... Hahahahaha maybe yes they cry coz my story is really sad naaa. Hahah but what to do life has to go on day by day time is changing someone is happy some are sad some are dying some are living its live..........

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I know who i am but whatever i am, i am a god creature as u all are.... :(

Hey friends do u know what the spectacles girl that I told u last time haahah she hurt me.... Really deep in the heart I don't know y but I wrote something that she post on her friend wall at facebook she wrote luckily I don't tease him anymore she then her friends say how if he tease u again then her friend say do u want to look me sad do u want me to suffer in life hahaha then I understand she really don't like me maybe I'm the bad human ever she had ever meet hahaha maybe I'm not handsome maybe I'm so (jijik) for her haahahah never mind I know who I am I just trying to be nice but I'm also a human that been made by allah... :( hahahah never mind I hope she will find a better guy than me....

Then did u know one of my friend wrote on her status that she miss someone I ask who is he she say guest and I guest a name and she says to me are u re moron (bodoh) hahahah than the word that she said to me its was a like a sword I feel like someone take the sword and just throw it to my lungs hahaha I felt really bad but still I smile to her than I said its must be me she said ahhh please lah its not u hahahah I just smile I know I'm not handsome I'm (JIJIK) for them maybe :( but I still smile :)

I have another friend sometimes he made my hear hurt so much but I'm still smiling whatever he do he thinks he is the best he is the smartes I'm the moron he say so many things to me that sometimes can made me cry but I helped him so much he always underestimated me he always like to show me that I'm not usefull hahaha but I still smile he didn't think I'm a human too I has helped him also he always like to tease me in front of my friend until I'm ashamed in front of my friend but when I say something too him he think I'm wrong hahahaha :)

I'm going a though life I met many people who think I'm not useful I'm (jijik) for them hahah maybe I am hahahaha but its hurt although that I will always smile in front of them and sometimes I cry in my hearts a lot or at nite on my bed I cry a lot then I smile its life but I didn't think that I will meet some like this friend I still miss my old friend from monzalez at least they don't hurt my feelings hahaha but if some of my friend is reading this please keep on hurting me so that one day I will have the courage to suicide my self :)

I'm still smiling while I'm crying hahahahah never mind u will not understand... :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bleedy hell!!!!

Hey friends do u know what happen past few day I and my freind
Aniq were doing our assignment and guest what he want to borrow my fon he say to me that he want to use the internet so I gave it to him and I walked down stairs of my apartment coz some work than when I were down stair I go to the cyber cafe to print something than suddenly I open my fb and what the fuck aniq my friend he use my fon Facebook that is already been login by my name he comment on my status seriously what the fuck than I fastly rush in to the house and when I enter the house I shout and all of them laugh their prank me I was so angry becoz of that prank so many people were angry on me and I feel to kick aniq really fuck!!!

Although aniq look like a good boy but it isn't

ZNMD ( zindagi na milenge dobara) u won get the life again

Hey friends I'm here again this time I want to share with u re film that I just saw today this film is a bollywood film and guest what I understand all bollywood language today I saw zindagi na milenge dobar that is cast by hrothik roshan and katrina kaif and many more like farhan akhtar and abhay deol when I saw this movie its make me cry and remember my friend aizad, hafizul, zul, alif, wong which was my very good friend and we have our own group that we call monzalez group and this movie made me recall mt friend and my journey we always goes for many journey when we were together this movie made me think will in future I met them again will I. I feel quit sad when I remember my friend however this movie was awesome as usual I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The spectales girl made me :'(

I don't know y but she is angry with me I think y she is angry I don't know maybe she angry with me coz I'm interrupting her study mode but I don't mean to do that. Actually she should tell me don't lah be so angry until don't want to smile don't want to talk I feel very sad coz her behavior but what to do. I also don't want to smile in front of her anymore I also want to be ego in front of her then she will know who I am but I cannot do like that coz my heart don't let me to do so never mind I will try to forget u. Tujhe bhula diya..... :'(

Monday, August 1, 2011


She didn't smile its almost 2 day but she didn't smile if she is angry wit me so just tell me what is my mistake if I have did any mistake so I admit it maybe I have made some mistake but I'm sorry from now on I will not disturb u fine I'm a bad man I know that fine I will not disturb u again.......

Hey friends I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm telling uu