Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tears drop my eyes is open........ :'(

Hey friends did u know that I have miss so many of friday prayer its so many that I have missed but last week I go to friday prayer with my friend and guest what I go to the shah alam biggest mosque that's the blue colour one and belive me its really beautiful I feel like I was in a palace. I go there for the friday prayer while waiting the prayer start the was a bilal who was giving some speech about some topic and when I listen to that and I sit in the mosque I feel to cry I was very sad y was I'm so sad maybe coz I always skip my prayer and becoz of my bad character that's y maybe I feel to cry but however I can't cry in front of my friend coz later there will say that I'm playing a movie in the mosque. But that day I really feel to cry hmmmmm now my eyes are open....... Hahaahahhaah

Hey if there any grammar mistake I'm sorry the important things is u all understand what I'm tryng to say to u

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