Thursday, October 27, 2011

A girl & family tears............

Ok friend this is the story that I'm going to tell u all so be patient k.

It was a sunshine morning like always its was a cheering morning they were are girl that born in a family and she was the 3rd child. So in this family the parents of the daughter have a sister who don't have any child since she married for 5 years so the father of the family give her daughter to her sister. The girl was born in selangor but just after her delivery she has been given to her adopt mother but the girls don't know that she will suffer a life without the parents. After she was hand over to her new family the new family took her to cameron highland where will be the place she will stay the girls father name was also changed to the adopted father and she already been they daughter. After that the girl was being love so much of her family especially her father her father was the mosst happiest guy ever after the girl came in their life the girl mother begins to expecting and she born 4 children in all of the time. But she love the girl the most and the girl know that she is not their real parents when her childhood but she didn't be sad she except the family as his own and the family except her to. So her life in that cool wind place was awesome the girl wass really preety really really preety....... And smart too. They were many guy who fall in love with her because her beautiness. She was really beautiful in her family she was the sis she have 3 sister and one brother they stay happily they parents wasn't really reach her mother just made some cookies for sale in d morning with some nasi lemak. Her father married 3 girls including her mom her father was bad too after he married the two other girl he began to change his attitude he don't want to give the money for expenses at home always beat her wife and child they were living poorly but the mom brothers all was very rich so they helped her mother.

So then after that her father married two other girl and since that her father don't come home ussualy beat her mom and doesn't care for his child. Because of that the girl house was about to be sale by the bank and the father don't want to pay for the house and he started to live with his other wives. He didn't come back to the house. The family was suffering lastly the girl mother brother. Come and he cash it out the house. Then after that they life been saved. After that her father didn't return to home. Although they mother and father didn't divorce but her parents life was like they have been divorce. So after that her mother begins to take care of her children by her self her mother will wake up in d morning preapare some cookies to sale for the breakfast her mother will always walk to the town by using the waterfall and jungle walk in d cool morning just to earn some money for her children. Her mom raise the girl and her other child. Then after that the girl become a teen and guest what she was really preety. After that the girl finish her study in SRP and goes to kl she want to further her study in kl she lives in her mother brother house means its uncle this is the same uncle who sfae their house from being sale by the bank. So her uncle supported all this girl study this girl study architecture after study she work for a while with his uncle his uncle was a millionaire after that she ges back to her house cameron highland. Then becoz of his beautiness many guys start to propose her and many of them was doctor but this girl fell in love with a guy who is her relative and the guys love her also very2 much the guy always come to meet her secretly at the garden from kl he will come to cameron he will always buy for her ice cream. Their love story were long its was about 7 yeears because their love each other since their childhood time but unfortunately their love was not been blessed by the boy parents their don't like this girl their say she is poor but the guys love her so much until the guy threatened her family to kill his self but lastly the boy lose their parents win the boy married another girl. Its was very sad because their love was a true love. Then the girl also just go on with er life with the full of sadness...............

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