Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shes made me sad and i cry but she make me smile again wth just a little talk

Hey friends today I send an sms to my friend we were just joking my other friend then take her phone and read it
We were talking about her we were just joking and she takes it seriously I know its my mistake she then wrote on a piece of paper she say I hate someone I was so sad when she say like that its like she break my heart into pieces I can't say anything to her after that I tough she will ne ok but at the nite she send me so many message she said she hate me, don't talk to her ever, she said to me delete her from my facebook I was really hurt I cry at nite then. I just follow she said don't talk to her so I didn't in the class at the next morning I didn't see her face coz I'm scared that I will cry and I didn't talk to her I was avoiding her and suddenly at the nite she sent me chat she say she was really hurt yesterday so I have hurt u so much I'm sorry she said she was damn hurt after reading the sms and she cry and tell her mom I say to her I'm sorry and she say ok I say give me 2 days time after that I will talk to her again I wish everything will back to normal. She is one of my best2 friend she's very special to me I can be angry to her so long she can make me melt her smile always make me forget what ever she said to me she's special I'm sorry if u re reading this I'm damn sorry I'm sorry I know it was my mistake can we be friend again pleaseeeeee.....................

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