Sunday, October 30, 2011

today 30/11

Hi today I woke up at 10.30 am my friend wake me up and she say hey let's do a study group today and I say yeah
Ok let's do it then. I slept again then suddenly I got another call from my friend they say hey come here for study group and I was like ok I will come. Then I woke up and have my bath and go their for study after I arrive there I waiterd about 1 hour then only we study while studying I feel like its was not effective for me so I just become boring and because of some personal reason I just walk out from there then I waited for bus at the bus station while that I contact my 3 bff then they say hey don't go come on we go for a walk the I was like ok let's go its surely will be fun long time didn't go out with them then we haved our tea time at barra restaurant I talked to them I really miss them and yes I got to meet them after we have our tea time we go to giant at giant they were just wasting their time seeing clothes and all that thing within the bra also and I nake fun of the bra I say hey this is tutttt size this is ur size its was funny. After that one of my 3 bff treat us ice cream its was yummy. Then after that we plan to go for karaoke not me but them I just want to join them but when we arrive the karaoke place it was expensive on week days so we didn't enter it. Then we go to the I city for a walk we took a lots of picture and one of my friend join us its was cool hahahaha then we just hang out there its was really fun but they go home fast they were sleepy than after I sent them home I walked to my home from seksyen 7 to seksyen 3 I walked only for them hahaha although I can go home faster by bus but for them I walked its take me about one hour I walked alone in the dark its was damn creepy but god protect me and lastly I have arrived to my home safely and then I just took my bath eat some maggi and my leg was like arghhhhhhhh its hurt so much after a long walk then I just go to sleep after talking to my friend until 3 o'clock its was fun but my leg hurt :')

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