Sunday, August 14, 2011

I know who i am but whatever i am, i am a god creature as u all are.... :(

Hey friends do u know what the spectacles girl that I told u last time haahah she hurt me.... Really deep in the heart I don't know y but I wrote something that she post on her friend wall at facebook she wrote luckily I don't tease him anymore she then her friends say how if he tease u again then her friend say do u want to look me sad do u want me to suffer in life hahaha then I understand she really don't like me maybe I'm the bad human ever she had ever meet hahaha maybe I'm not handsome maybe I'm so (jijik) for her haahahah never mind I know who I am I just trying to be nice but I'm also a human that been made by allah... :( hahahah never mind I hope she will find a better guy than me....

Then did u know one of my friend wrote on her status that she miss someone I ask who is he she say guest and I guest a name and she says to me are u re moron (bodoh) hahahah than the word that she said to me its was a like a sword I feel like someone take the sword and just throw it to my lungs hahaha I felt really bad but still I smile to her than I said its must be me she said ahhh please lah its not u hahahah I just smile I know I'm not handsome I'm (JIJIK) for them maybe :( but I still smile :)

I have another friend sometimes he made my hear hurt so much but I'm still smiling whatever he do he thinks he is the best he is the smartes I'm the moron he say so many things to me that sometimes can made me cry but I helped him so much he always underestimated me he always like to show me that I'm not usefull hahaha but I still smile he didn't think I'm a human too I has helped him also he always like to tease me in front of my friend until I'm ashamed in front of my friend but when I say something too him he think I'm wrong hahahaha :)

I'm going a though life I met many people who think I'm not useful I'm (jijik) for them hahah maybe I am hahahaha but its hurt although that I will always smile in front of them and sometimes I cry in my hearts a lot or at nite on my bed I cry a lot then I smile its life but I didn't think that I will meet some like this friend I still miss my old friend from monzalez at least they don't hurt my feelings hahaha but if some of my friend is reading this please keep on hurting me so that one day I will have the courage to suicide my self :)

I'm still smiling while I'm crying hahahahah never mind u will not understand... :)

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