Saturday, September 24, 2011

my bIrthdayy!!!!!!!!!!

Hey friends 21 sept was my birthday and guest what and the nite before the birthday day I already got 2 present from my friend one of them give me a cup with my name and the other one give me chocolate I. Was so shy to except it and the next day my best3 friend uu sue and AIN didn't say birthday to me and I was so sad but actually there was a surprise party for me and I know there was planning it coz one of my friend told me before and I know it already the plan was one of my best friend ain idea she just ask me to go jog with her and I say ok let's go then after reach the lake of shah alam he brought. Me to the hut and guest what once I step on the hut suddenly riri throw the flour on me and spray me with the birthday spray something and I was like ahhhhhh WTF hahaha but I really appreciate what they done for me and I really want to say thanks to ain sue mel uu hana nani who give me present thanks3 I love u all. No one has ever done this to me :') its really makes me emotional really :')

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