Friday, October 14, 2011

birthday plan thats ends with tears............

Heyyy today on 13 oct we were going to celebrate one of our friends birthday after class two of my friend ask me for lunch woth them and while we were having lunch and we were planning the birthday suddenly in my rice I was just start to eat and I saw a little cockroach in my rice and I was like yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After that I wash myt hand and I stop to eat after that we just have a talk and plan the birthday after that we walk to the plaza alam sentral to buy the cake and we walked to there through the shah alam lake and during we walking suddenly one of my friend have some stomach ache and she goes to toilet and we were waiting for her about a hour and I was like arghhhhhhh hahahahahaahahahh. After that we continue our journey to the PAS and after we arrive there we go and select the cake but before that we go and buy a gift first for our we bought for her a little teddy bear afyer that we buy the Black Forest cake for her and we go to sacc mall to buy a box too put the bear inside the box while we were ther one of my friend meet her bf then she leave me and my other friend then we go back. I put the cake in my fridge and we all slept in our hostel at nite about 8.30 pm when my two friends sms me and said to me to bring down the cake I bring it down and ssuddenly one of my friend was crying badly and I worried I ask y y y. Then she told me the friend that we were going to celebrate her borthday she can't make it to come at kfc she was with her friend and she scared if his friend scold him and I was like ouhhhh ok I said y are u crying then sshe said we are her best friend but sshe did not came she make the other new friend become more important for her and I was like just went to silent then I asked two of them to go for dinner and while we were having dinner I made them laugh a lot until their forget their sadness one of them was laughing like crazy hahahahaah and then I celebrated my second birthday in this year using the cake we cut it and eat its was sad but we can't do nothing so we eat all the cake :)

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