Sunday, August 28, 2011

Break fast with my old friends :))))

Hey today I break my fast with my friend at house of pakeeza its was awesome. We ate buffet style the price was not too expensive and I ate a lot hahaha the food was delicious. I met my old friends many of them didn't come but some of them came its was awesome too meet them again after SPM all of them already go to their university. I met them we ate at pakeeza and just return to our houses it was fun and guest what while we were eating we saw a preety girl and hot too hahahaha she was beautiful then I asked her worker who is she then the pakeeza worker said she is DJ DAVE GF dj dave was also there and I was liked WTF he is so old I was thinking that she was her daughter and suddenly she was her gf ahhh what a waste hahahahahahahahah............

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