Wednesday, August 24, 2011

i saw another girl who can made me anconsious wahhhh........

I saw this girl since I enter the university and trust me the first time I saw her I like her. She's very beautiful hahahah then I tried to find her facebook and yeah after one week keep on searching lastly I found her I was so happy then I wrote on her wall thanks for approve then she comment that ur welcome and I say to her I was looking for u about a week and lastly I found u I'm so happy she replied y re u happy then I say to her I will tell u some other time then she deleted my wall post and when she deleted my wall post I already understand that she don't like me then I back off but I'm truly her fan. Then I chat with one of her friend in facebook I ask her hey does this girl have boyfriend then she say yes she have don dream about her and I was like to cry out loudly hahah but she is preety surely she had a boyfriend then I told her friend I know that I have NO RIGHT TO DREAM FOR SOMEONE coz I KNOW who I AM hahahah as usual its end with sadness............. :(

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