Friday, August 12, 2011

Bleedy hell!!!!

Hey friends do u know what happen past few day I and my freind
Aniq were doing our assignment and guest what he want to borrow my fon he say to me that he want to use the internet so I gave it to him and I walked down stairs of my apartment coz some work than when I were down stair I go to the cyber cafe to print something than suddenly I open my fb and what the fuck aniq my friend he use my fon Facebook that is already been login by my name he comment on my status seriously what the fuck than I fastly rush in to the house and when I enter the house I shout and all of them laugh their prank me I was so angry becoz of that prank so many people were angry on me and I feel to kick aniq really fuck!!!

Although aniq look like a good boy but it isn't

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