Thursday, October 20, 2011

19 oct sweet memories

Today is 19 oct today I spent so much time with her from morning until night its was freaking awesome
In d morning she came into d class and sit behind me when the biostatistic lecture we didn't pay attention although we were keep on talking and talking until the class finish its awesome after that we go for lunch wit my 2 other best friend than after lunch I just company her to the finance its was awesome we were sitting outside the finance for so long time after that she have to go to the class and its her class I can't enter her class and guess what I enter it and the lecture didn't notice the was a different student in his class hahahahaha. After the class she treat me for dinner and guest what she treated me my favourite food pizza its was just us 2 and seriously its was damn ro?????c after that when we eat she did not finish her one slice of pizza and I ate that pizza isn't it ro?????c hahahahaha I will never forget this day 19 oct the day where I get a lot of sweet memories with her :)

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