Saturday, September 17, 2011

friend with sadness :(

Hey u all today I want to talk about some of my friend who really like to be sad like me but they problem are not big as me they like to be sad becoz of some of their friends believe me friends sometimes can always hurt u ask me personally I will tell u how one of my friend hurt me only with his word it seriously can make u cry I hope my friend will not be sad just take it as a challenge that god have give u and face it becoz the many more u face the challenge the much tougher u will be and u can fight with all the problem bravely that u will face in the future. Like me this month I have some really critical money problem there's a day which I eat only once a time in a day its so sad but I still smile although I'm sad there are some friends who are really nice who helped me I will say their name like jaijon one of my roommate and melchizedek who is my faculty friend when I don't have money they helped me thanks friend. There are some friends also which I ask to help me but they ignored it and I was like never mind if u don't want to help me its up to u. That's y friends sometimes are really nice and sometimes are really bad I met many people when I fall from the sky to the earth :'(

Sorry for the grammar mistake as long u understand what I'm telling to u :)

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