Saturday, August 27, 2011

Am I disgusting!!!!!

Am I disgusting am I. Last 2 weeks I have add a girl at my fb yeah I like her really much but I didn't tell her but maybe my friends now that I like her. I think she knows that I like her but y did she deleted me from her fb or y did she deactivated her fb is it becoz of me :'( I'm disgusting isn't many girls did it to me I know I'm not a very good looking person but I'm human too. Hmmmm.... I don't know y u did me like this but never mind I will always be ur fan a real fan trust me many people say bad thing about u like u re smoking but I never believed that coz my hearts know u re a good girl seriously I like u hahahahah but its ok u don't like me hahahah but I'm ur fan hahahah whenever next time if u re giving any presentation in the class I will see u on that time only coz I like to see ur face naaa its beautiful :). But its ok that u deleted me its ok a..... Its ok :( I know I'm disgusting I know :(

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