Friday, November 4, 2011

Miss A going to tell me something

Hey friends I have a very special friend miss A she is going to tell me something
And I know its something very special that I guest. What is she going to tell me I can't wait for that. I asked her to tell me on 15/11 will she say it to me I think I know what she want to say to me but I want to hear it from her so we wait until 15 and I will tell u did she say anything to me or not :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

She say it easily at my back :')

Hey last 2 days nite I was hanging out with one of my friend
We were studying together and while studying she say hey do u know today the S girl told me something about u and I say what did she say negative or positive firstly she don't want to tell me she say I will be sad after that I force her to tell me so I can end this thing I want to know what she think about me. She tells me the girl asked her for who I wrote all the status on the fb she know I wrote it for her but she want to listen from the girl mouth te girl don't want to say my name after that she say I don't like him he is such a jerk. Then the girl asked u usually hang out with him rite then she say I don't want to hang out but what to do he force to join me and I can say nothing. After I heard that I become so sad I feel to cry already but I control my tears she say she hates me I'm the one who after her she doint give any damn to me. She say I don't have my own (pendirian) self ambition I love to change after one and another and I know that is the only reason she can use to express her hates to me and I know I'm not for her she's cute and preety she don't feel that I'm her standard but never mind I will not after u after this its ur life but if u re reading this never say to people like that its hurt very much u make me cry miss S. U promise to me u wouldn't make me sad but :')

Sunday, October 30, 2011

today 30/11

Hi today I woke up at 10.30 am my friend wake me up and she say hey let's do a study group today and I say yeah
Ok let's do it then. I slept again then suddenly I got another call from my friend they say hey come here for study group and I was like ok I will come. Then I woke up and have my bath and go their for study after I arrive there I waiterd about 1 hour then only we study while studying I feel like its was not effective for me so I just become boring and because of some personal reason I just walk out from there then I waited for bus at the bus station while that I contact my 3 bff then they say hey don't go come on we go for a walk the I was like ok let's go its surely will be fun long time didn't go out with them then we haved our tea time at barra restaurant I talked to them I really miss them and yes I got to meet them after we have our tea time we go to giant at giant they were just wasting their time seeing clothes and all that thing within the bra also and I nake fun of the bra I say hey this is tutttt size this is ur size its was funny. After that one of my 3 bff treat us ice cream its was yummy. Then after that we plan to go for karaoke not me but them I just want to join them but when we arrive the karaoke place it was expensive on week days so we didn't enter it. Then we go to the I city for a walk we took a lots of picture and one of my friend join us its was cool hahahaha then we just hang out there its was really fun but they go home fast they were sleepy than after I sent them home I walked to my home from seksyen 7 to seksyen 3 I walked only for them hahaha although I can go home faster by bus but for them I walked its take me about one hour I walked alone in the dark its was damn creepy but god protect me and lastly I have arrived to my home safely and then I just took my bath eat some maggi and my leg was like arghhhhhhhh its hurt so much after a long walk then I just go to sleep after talking to my friend until 3 o'clock its was fun but my leg hurt :')

Friday, October 28, 2011

life is colour full......

Hey today I just go with my house mate for a long drive at kl firstly we go to the downtown in cheras which I never go but it was the first time I see and I know what is downtown its a place of shopping like the night market its sale all the things in very cheap price some are good quality and some are not we were looking for something special that maybe we coulld bye but as usual u knwow me I only buy branded things I'm not showing off but from my thinking although its expensive but the quality should be good. At the down town they were selling contact lens and I was like to buy a red colour contact lens and go to the class hahahahahahah. After that we have some drink they and we eat something there and just talking about our one friend who change from an angle to a devil it was funny hahahahahah. After that we continue our journey to bukit bintang after that I told my friend I never see the night CLUB do u know where is nite club he say yes firstly he show me the most famous club the zouk its near the klcc while we were passing the club I saw so many hot chick wowwwwww after that he show me other club that is nearer there I saw they was to many sexy girl and I was like screaming woooowwwww hahaahahahahahahah in front of every club they was a bodyguard standing and they are big at size. After that he show me other club called glassy its just behind of capsquare and I was shocked I always go there and I don't know that they is a club there its was colorful and the life was full of loud music hahahaah after that he bring us to klcc we just hanging around the klcc we sit in front of the filharmonik petronas hall and we took some picture its on my facebook but its not so clear becoz we didn't bring our camera we just took it by our phone after that we sit there and talk to each other and after that we go for a long drive and lastly we return to our home at 4AM in d morning I should be studying all the nite but I go for a long drive aiyaaaaaa what lah me naaaaa hahahahahahaahah but its was awesome I see the world especially the club memories can be deleted hahahahahaah :p

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A girl & family tears............

Ok friend this is the story that I'm going to tell u all so be patient k.

It was a sunshine morning like always its was a cheering morning they were are girl that born in a family and she was the 3rd child. So in this family the parents of the daughter have a sister who don't have any child since she married for 5 years so the father of the family give her daughter to her sister. The girl was born in selangor but just after her delivery she has been given to her adopt mother but the girls don't know that she will suffer a life without the parents. After she was hand over to her new family the new family took her to cameron highland where will be the place she will stay the girls father name was also changed to the adopted father and she already been they daughter. After that the girl was being love so much of her family especially her father her father was the mosst happiest guy ever after the girl came in their life the girl mother begins to expecting and she born 4 children in all of the time. But she love the girl the most and the girl know that she is not their real parents when her childhood but she didn't be sad she except the family as his own and the family except her to. So her life in that cool wind place was awesome the girl wass really preety really really preety....... And smart too. They were many guy who fall in love with her because her beautiness. She was really beautiful in her family she was the sis she have 3 sister and one brother they stay happily they parents wasn't really reach her mother just made some cookies for sale in d morning with some nasi lemak. Her father married 3 girls including her mom her father was bad too after he married the two other girl he began to change his attitude he don't want to give the money for expenses at home always beat her wife and child they were living poorly but the mom brothers all was very rich so they helped her mother.

So then after that her father married two other girl and since that her father don't come home ussualy beat her mom and doesn't care for his child. Because of that the girl house was about to be sale by the bank and the father don't want to pay for the house and he started to live with his other wives. He didn't come back to the house. The family was suffering lastly the girl mother brother. Come and he cash it out the house. Then after that they life been saved. After that her father didn't return to home. Although they mother and father didn't divorce but her parents life was like they have been divorce. So after that her mother begins to take care of her children by her self her mother will wake up in d morning preapare some cookies to sale for the breakfast her mother will always walk to the town by using the waterfall and jungle walk in d cool morning just to earn some money for her children. Her mom raise the girl and her other child. Then after that the girl become a teen and guest what she was really preety. After that the girl finish her study in SRP and goes to kl she want to further her study in kl she lives in her mother brother house means its uncle this is the same uncle who sfae their house from being sale by the bank. So her uncle supported all this girl study this girl study architecture after study she work for a while with his uncle his uncle was a millionaire after that she ges back to her house cameron highland. Then becoz of his beautiness many guys start to propose her and many of them was doctor but this girl fell in love with a guy who is her relative and the guys love her also very2 much the guy always come to meet her secretly at the garden from kl he will come to cameron he will always buy for her ice cream. Their love story were long its was about 7 yeears because their love each other since their childhood time but unfortunately their love was not been blessed by the boy parents their don't like this girl their say she is poor but the guys love her so much until the guy threatened her family to kill his self but lastly the boy lose their parents win the boy married another girl. Its was very sad because their love was a true love. Then the girl also just go on with er life with the full of sadness...............

A true story

I'm going to make a true story now so stay tuned k. Its will be the most interesting
Story ever u will be sad when u read it so just stay tuned I will start writing it at anytime just waiting for the right mood to come :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

shes made me sad and i cry but she make me smile again wth just a little talk

Hey friends today I send an sms to my friend we were just joking my other friend then take her phone and read it
We were talking about her we were just joking and she takes it seriously I know its my mistake she then wrote on a piece of paper she say I hate someone I was so sad when she say like that its like she break my heart into pieces I can't say anything to her after that I tough she will ne ok but at the nite she send me so many message she said she hate me, don't talk to her ever, she said to me delete her from my facebook I was really hurt I cry at nite then. I just follow she said don't talk to her so I didn't in the class at the next morning I didn't see her face coz I'm scared that I will cry and I didn't talk to her I was avoiding her and suddenly at the nite she sent me chat she say she was really hurt yesterday so I have hurt u so much I'm sorry she said she was damn hurt after reading the sms and she cry and tell her mom I say to her I'm sorry and she say ok I say give me 2 days time after that I will talk to her again I wish everything will back to normal. She is one of my best2 friend she's very special to me I can be angry to her so long she can make me melt her smile always make me forget what ever she said to me she's special I'm sorry if u re reading this I'm damn sorry I'm sorry I know it was my mistake can we be friend again pleaseeeeee.....................