Friday, July 22, 2011

when the hearts break!!!

Hey friends did u ever feel ur hearts break is awesome pain rite the pain of break hearts is awesome it makes us cry sometimes. My hearts has broken so many times but I admit its all my mistakes coz sometimes I like a girl and when I try ro talk to them they will say I already have a BF and I will break at there I know I'm not handsome but I'm also a good creature rite hmmmmm.... But what to do I'm not handsome :( I like to be sad u know I always like to be lonely with the sadness I do no y my hobby is really different but yeah I like to be lonely sometimes at nite when I'm sad I like to see the star in the sky lonely its make me feel peace :) but sometimes it makes me cry too... Its life sometimes hearts brake it will be like its been crushed on the earth and someone is putting their legs on the hearts is the most sadness and we will cry while I writting this I also feel to cry :'(

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake as long as u understand that is important :)

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