Saturday, September 24, 2011

shes angry!!! :(

Hey friends last 3 days I wrote on my fb that I love someone than suddenly the girl asked me who is that girl and I just can't answer it becoz the girl is her and seriously I can't tell her becoz I'm afraid if she's be angry and don't want to be my friend anymore although I know she already have a bf and she will gong to be engaged in not so long time that's y I can't tell her that I love her it will make her angry and I don't want our sweet friendship broken up. Although she can't (mine she's still my friend I still can spent my time with her before she's married and she will not be around me anymore its really sad and I feel to cry y she didn't meet me first y y y if she's meet me first I surely fall in love with her but she's was not make for me but I can't forget her and I will always love her secretly in my heart and I love her but I can't tell her :'(

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