Friday, September 16, 2011

KLCC trip with my friends :)

Hey friends long time I didn't write anything on my blog naaaa. Ok last week I took 4 of my friend to klcc and many funny thing happen on the trip at 5 pm I took them from shah alam and then we move to klcc and guess what is was jam and I was so frustrated and while we were waiting in the jam one of my friend who we call yuyu she was like dreaming that some of the malaysian actor and actress were in the other cars that is nearby us and I was like arghhhhhh hahahaahahahah. Then after the jam finish I drove the car very fast it was like I'm michael schumacer hahahah and the was a corner which I just turn the car fastly because if I didn't turn the car the route will be more longer and guess what I can be in a accident but luckyly I didn't and guess my friend yuyu,sue,eryna,nanep was damn scared hahahahaah but like I say don't worry I'm michael schumacer hahahahahahahaahah :). Then we go to the klcc and we were just hanging around there and we go for the smurf movie its was nice movie lah we I like the dialogue that the smurf say I smurf u its mean I love u hahaha I think eryna also like this dialogue hahahahaha then after that the movie finish and guess what my friend yuyu,sue,eryna were finding toilet and we show them the toilet at the klcc they go in to the toilet and they come out from there they said that the toilet don't have water to be used like pipe which is always been placed in the toilet and yes I admit klcc toilet is damn dirty if sometimes u go there go and check it out the toilet its yukkkkkk u surely won't shit there hahahahaahhahha. Then after that there were like in hurry we go outside the klcc and took some picture and then we fastly go in to the car and start looking for toilet which have the pipe or I can say water and guess what we found a patrol pam and I were driving fast I couldn't stop and suddenly I make a U turn fastly and seriously it was a dangerous U turn and all of my friends were so scared and like always I was cool and I said to them don't worry I'm michael schumacer hahahahahah. after that finally we reached the patrol pam and they found a happy WATER toilet hahahaahhaha then I bring them to the curve and when we arrive everything was about to close but the restaurant was open and we had our dinner there after that I send they all back to home at shah alam but before that I send eryna to her special person house and guess what while I was going inside of eryna special person house my car tire just slip in to the side of that house and I was damn scared I was afraid if I couldn't get my tire out of there what should I do the all of my friend were also scared but however I'm michael schumacer lastly I use my international driving skill and get my car out of there then I sent her to her special person house. Then I sent yuyu, sue , nanep to the hostel safely. Then I drove my car at the speed of 120 and above just to reach to the home faster coz afraid my mom will scold me and I arrive really fast at my home after that I open my gate slowly and I enter then slowly I enter and go to my mom room and say mom I had arrive and my mom say u from tomorrow cannot go out at nite and I was like :) hahaahahahah then the next morning my mom just talk nicely with me hahaahaha my mom always like to threatened me hahaha but I always will not listen but my mom is damn cool hahaahha so that's all was the story of that day :)))

Sorry if there any grammar mistake ok as long u understand my story that is important :)

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