Saturday, July 23, 2011

23rd JULY!!!!

Hey friends today I woke up in the morning and I go to country homes rawang there was a party there hmmm the food was not so awesome but yeah its quit delicious hmmmmm.... I met my sweet grandmother there and my best best best auntie hahahah its was awesome hmmmm there was a girl there who keep looking me I was feeling awkward but she's bigger than me 3 years I don't know y she's was looking me I think I'm handsome that's y she keep looking at me hahahahahah there was also so many more girls there and some of them was beautiful I was looking for a rich girl and I spotted 2 girls hahahaha but I have to be something first and then only I can tackle them hahahahahah u know now days money is important hahahah so that was my today experience hmmmmm.... Stay tuned I will be back

Hey sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand :)

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