Friday, October 7, 2011

6 oct :)))

Today all our class has been cancel so I can't go home coz 7 of oct I have class so I sleep at my hostel and I woke up at 12 pm then after that my three best friend ask me to go out with them firstly we have our lunch then we go for a walk around all the shopping complex in shah alam firstly we go to the pkns two of my friends goes to the bank islam and I sit outside with the other friend I was talking to her and its awesome to hear her voice I was hoping my 2 friend that goes inside the bank will take 1 hour time and more so that I can talk to her as much as I want but they came out in 10 minutes ahhhhh damn. Then after that one of my friend she call her dad to ask some money and her dad didn't take it so I was like telling her ur dad scared becoz u will always ask him money hahahahahahahaahha. After that we go to the Sacc mall it was quit interesting we just go around and around and one of my friend were showing me all the dolls at there she was telling me when her birthday came pleaseee buy for her the dolls an I was like ok I will hihihihi. After that we enter re card shop and there were selling big2 card and I was like wow suddenly one of my friend and I walk thorugh there and saw are card which explain the meaning of love we both love the card its damn romantic hihihihi. After that we go to the mph boolstore and suddenly one of my friend she give me a book and said to me read the synopsis and yes the synopsis was my story I just smile then the were rounding the mph about 30 minutes and didn't buy anything and I was llike wow hahahaha the my other friend call her MAMA and I was listening she was saying she didn't want to buy medicine so she just drink the honey she was saying medicine in kl is very expensive and she tell that in kl and including shah alam there is no watermelon(tembikai) and I was like ahhhhhh she is telling so many bad things about kl I should beat her but what to do I can't she's so cute hihihihi although she teach me a word that is makan=makang and now days I tell all the people makang haaahahah. After that we go to the plaza alam sentral and when we go there the three cute ladies start to be wild they start to shopping firstly one of them but the shoe and she wear it on the spot it was pink colour then after that we go upstairs and the other one also buy a shoe and wear ot on the spot and I was like wowwwwwwww can't u wait hahahahahahaah its also pink colour after that we go upstair and on that floor there was a karaoke place that I NEVER enter before and suddenly they ask me come on we go for karaoke and I was like :/ I just go with them they take a big room and its cost 20 bucks and they enter the room and start to showing their singing talent to me and I was like wowwwwwwwww so nice ur voice actually not hahahah but its true their voice was nice also lah than in that karaoke room there were one of my friend who smile less and she was so bersemangat in the karaoke room and the three cute friend start to sing and sing and sing I was just laughing seeing them but I didn't sing although I feel to sing but I was damn shy there were having fun in the room and its was awesome actually I love to waste my time with them especially one of them she is the one who I love to hang out with if can I want to hang out with him from day to night hahahahaha. After that we returned to our hostel and we ate fried rice in the HAPPY restaurant and then we go to the mini market one of my friend who is so stubborn although we tell her don't eat maggi she still eat it. And she buys maggi at there hmmmm after that we go up to our room and sleep............. :) the end its was so sweet :))

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