Monday, July 25, 2011

The history of my life!!!!

Hey friends actually I don't want to write about my history but someone say I should write about it so I will.

Ok now I will start the story I was born on 21 september 1993 in ipoh hospital I'm the second child in my family after my sis my name is imran shakeel isn't its a sweet name hahahah when I was born I don't know what was happening around me. When I was 6 years old I go to the kindergarten and guest what my kindergarten was a chinese kindergarten I learn there only for 6 month then I stop from there and directly go to the school which on that time I was standard one when I was standard one I stay in ipoh but acctually I'm from cameron highland when I was born I just got born in ipoh coz in that time cameron highland don't have any hospital so I born in ipoh but I stay in cameron highland for 2 years. Then my father was a police man so he gets transferred at ipoh so we shifted there when I was 6 years old my mom and dad get divorce for first time my mother took me and go to cameron highland which is my great great grandmother house is there I really love my grandmother she helped me a lot and guest what I'm the most been love of my grandmother than other my 15 niece I'm the no 1 hahahaah so we go there y did this divorce happen I will tell u after this... Stay tuned...

Ok so this happen coz I can tell u hahahhahah its a secret hihihih. So after that my mother came back to my dad and I live in ipoh again so I stay there then its was quit fun there I join the taekwondo and I'm second green belt hahah its fun hahahah but its tough too so after I finish my primary school then I go to the secondary school at there I was a prefect ( pengawas) at there I was one of the best ever they found.... Then I was a commander of fire brigade in my school hahaha its was fun in my school I got so many certificate of NILAM and I was the student who read most of the books in that school its almost 900++ so its awesome but actually I didn't read it I just copy the sinopsis at the back of the book hahahah its so funny lahhhh. Hihihihihihhi. Hey stay tuned I will be right back.......

Hey I'm back so after that when I took my pmr something tragedic happen in my life I was shocked and do u know what I didn't go to school for 3 months its all becoz some problem than after that I shifted in kl at kota damansara

Hey I'm sorry if there any grammar mistake but the important thing is u understand what I'm trying to tell u :)

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