Thursday, November 3, 2011

She say it easily at my back :')

Hey last 2 days nite I was hanging out with one of my friend
We were studying together and while studying she say hey do u know today the S girl told me something about u and I say what did she say negative or positive firstly she don't want to tell me she say I will be sad after that I force her to tell me so I can end this thing I want to know what she think about me. She tells me the girl asked her for who I wrote all the status on the fb she know I wrote it for her but she want to listen from the girl mouth te girl don't want to say my name after that she say I don't like him he is such a jerk. Then the girl asked u usually hang out with him rite then she say I don't want to hang out but what to do he force to join me and I can say nothing. After I heard that I become so sad I feel to cry already but I control my tears she say she hates me I'm the one who after her she doint give any damn to me. She say I don't have my own (pendirian) self ambition I love to change after one and another and I know that is the only reason she can use to express her hates to me and I know I'm not for her she's cute and preety she don't feel that I'm her standard but never mind I will not after u after this its ur life but if u re reading this never say to people like that its hurt very much u make me cry miss S. U promise to me u wouldn't make me sad but :')

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